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Sardis is a carefully crafted Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem on Hybrid PoS consensus (PoS+PoA) which is actively running Bridge, Swap/Dex, and Stake, 2 mainnets, and 1 testnet feature. Sardis has acquired necessary licenses like FINCEN, BSA, and Utility Token Security Opinion which makes it a Regulation-ready blockchain.

The Sardis Ecosystem is the digital disruption for traditional financial services. Sardis Blockchain Network has the power to revolutionize payment solutions and current blockchain technology with its most efficient features such as partly decentralization, transparency, scalability, security, stability with stablecoins, low-cost, and high-speed horizontal scaling.

Sardis HPoS is a hybrid between Proof of Authority(PoA) and Delegated Proof of Stake(DPoS). That makes Sardis blockchain much faster and cheaper than other solutions because the Sardis Protocol does not need to spend huge amounts of energy, time, and money to reach a consensus. It makes our blockchain faster (100K TPS) than other blockchains(due to the horizontal scaling feature) and Secure as Ethereum. When POA and POS consensus systems are used in tandem with an hPOS consensus like the Sardis, the disadvantages of those systems are reversed to being advantages. In addition, currently over 20 projects are building on Sardis Blockchain.

Millions of Transactions every second!

Our revolutionary horizontal scaling technology supports potentially millions of transactions every second, making us the fastest and most efficient blockchain on the market. And thanks to our revolutionary V+ pool, our gas fees are near zero.

Simplicity at work, Better by Sardis!

At Sardis, we're EVM compatible and use HPoS consensus protocol, making us the best platform for developers. Our low code tooling and configurability mean that projects on Sardis are easy to launch, without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Blockchain’s Trilemma Solved!

The unique V+ validator pool developed by Sardis Labs provides the most cost-effective chain for users and the highest revenue for validators. Sardis V + validator pool is a reliable and secure staking pool that is a great choice for those who are looking to earn rewards by staking their Sardis tokens.

Gamers! Sardis is the Game-Changer

Exciting news! Sardis multichain platform is introducing gas-free subnets, with finalization times as low as 0.1 seconds! Sardis Blockchain is a game changer with its zero fee subnets, millions of transactions per second, improved user experience, enhanced privacy and security, zero-fraud and endless opportunities.

Sardis is best for financial solutions, but not only for financial solutions! Anything can be developed on Sardis blockchain. Developers can create decentralized applications for numerous industries, as well as for NFT, social, and gaming projects. Sardis is not confined to financial solutions and has no limits as to what can be developed and what can be created on its blockchain.

And we're not just talk!

Our native projects Forex and Social Payment app provide a complete financial solution for everyday use of the blockchain. Link to the Forex and Social payment app documents ‘Watch the video’

Empower the unbanked and underbanked with Sardis!

Sardis is designed to have low transaction fees, making it more accessible and cost-effective for unbanked and underbanked individuals with limited financial resources. As a decentralized network, it allows individuals to transact without needing to go through traditional financial institutions or central authorities, granting greater financial freedom to those who lack access to banking services. The transparency of Sardis ecosystem also reduces the potential for fraud or corruption, increasing trust and security in financial transactions.


Sardis does not let nonsense projects fill in the ledger. With the help of our strict KYC program and whitelisting projects with some nominal barriers, Sardis ensures that only legitimate projects go through the launch process. This helps to strengthen the ecosystem's credibility and reputation, making Sardis a safe and reliable choice for developers and customers alike.

Go Sardis and reduce your footprint!

Sardis is sustainable with low energy cost. Sardis' team has taken the responsibility to make sure that its ecosystem runs on low energy consumption levels. For this reason, Sardis Blockchain has been developed as the HPoS consensus protocol. Sardis ecosystem is designed with energy efficiency in mind and is built to work well within low energy environments and in an eco-friendly way.


Sardis Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem is a game-changer for the financial industry and beyond. With its revolutionary horizontal scaling technology, low gas fees, and hPoS consensus protocol, Sardis offers a unique and efficient platform for developers and users alike. Sardis ecosystem offers a complete financial solution for daily life use of the blockchain with its native projects Forex and Social Payment app. Whether you're an investor, developer, or regular user, Sardis has something to offer.

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